The Kyle Commuter

The Kyle Commuter – Commerce & Emergency Media Proposal


With social media becoming one of the most predominant means of content for all ages, it is absolutely apparent that it should be valid, useful, and up-to-date. ‘The Kyle Commuter ‘ would be a multi-focus channel for relevant topics for small local business and entertainment to create readership. By giving users a voice over issues and current events while keeping updated articles creates additional value for both the City of Kyle and readers through information and conversation.


  1. Build an online brand identity for the City of Kyle by creating content and affordable advertising for local businesses over digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
  2. Use social media as a ‘further forum’ for user concerns, comments, and interactions while broadcasting any pertinent information or emergency alerts.


The ‘Internet of Things’ has vastly diversified how we receive our information, purchase products, and interact with each other. But it does have its drawbacks, specifically towards local businesses, in terms of market share and voice against the Amazons and Apples of the world. The Kyle Commuter is the opportunity to combat these drawbacks. Having a branded, government-backed website/blog that emphasizes buying local, while entertaining its readers with various stories and articles, would serve on a multifaceted approach towards building a thriving online community for the City of Kyle.

Census data from the last 5 years determined that the median age of Kyle is 31-32, speculating that a majority of Kyle residents gain knowledge through some form of digital media over more traditional channels. The Kyle Commuter would be just that. The name is that of your typical print newspaper, but has emphasis on what you see on your computer or smartphone. Having some form of daily article(s) that keep readers interested, returning, and interacting would ultimately create an online presence for Kyle, while giving local businesses an affordable alternative ad avenue for revenue. (Say that 5 times fast)


  1. Create a readership that reaches the current population.
  • With the current population of Kyle being 36,929, a long-term goal would optimally have a readership of the entire town.
  1. Create a multi-channel approach towards print and television media.
  • With The Kyle Commuter initially being solely digital, having additional channels to maximize reach and exposure for everything Kyle has to offer. 
    • Through possible channels such as television and newspaper, adding additional advertising revenue for further civil projects may be accomplished. This would be a huge achievement for promoting local commerce and creating relevant content to the City of Kyle. 


  1. Outcome: A more well informed community, revolving around current events, businesses, and possible emergencies.
  • By having an outlet such as The Kyle Commuter, the City of Kyle: 
    • Builds an opportunity of having more well-informed residents while driving commerce for local businesses, organizations, and the community as a whole. Relevant topics such as public projects, opinion pieces, and current events
    • Creates knowledge and involvement that citizens immerse themselves in. The projected end result being people gaining value in local events and spurring positive conversation for the City of Kyle.
  1. Solution: Informed citizens make better decisions in regards to their community, health, and public safety.
  • Ultimately, throughout this proposal, I have talked about how adding a government-supported media outlet would improve the lives of Kyle citizens through community outreach, local commerce and emergency broadcast. 
    • By adding value and knowledge to these topics, the City of Kyle creates a reliable network of businesses, organizations, and local departments to better inform their residents, which holds true to my solution statement.

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